Thursday, February 11, 2010

a glass of orange juice and a picture

Dick Bruna (b. 1927), Dutch creator of Miffy, is also an excellent book cover designer. He designed more than 2000 book covers for A. W. Bruna & Son (A. W. Bruna & Zoon), a publishing company founded by his great-grandfather. Miffy is famously known for its minimalistic graphic design--the unapologetic use of primary colours, simple lines, dots and crosses for expressions.

 Havank, The Secret of the 7th Key

Georges Simenon, Maigret en de Onbekende Werker

Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea

Leslie Charteris, The Saint in New York

 Robert Courtine, The Cooking Guide of Mrs. Maigret

Wendy Savory, You Can Eat Tea: Recipes from the English Kitchen

"Dick Bruna is one of the most unassuming men you could ever meet. In company he is rather shy. The thought that he must speak in public, gives him nightmares. He uses a fixed schedule, full concentration at work and people around him he trusts to give him the safety and security he needs.

Every day he rises at 5 or 5.30, squeezes a glass of orange juice for his wife, Irene, and draws her a picture about things she has done, or reminders of things she is planning to do. He cycles along the Utrecht canals and goes to a cafe for a coffee."

~ Horatia Harrod, The Telegraph 

“I would love to be able to draw like a child, so spontaneous, so open-minded on those big sheets. As an adult you start to draw and then hope that you make something good, something beautiful. A child is not like that, they start and see what happens... I draw things you will see close to home, things that I also like. Maybe I still think a bit like a child, I have a childish mind, I think. There are a lot of things I don’t understand.”

 ~ Dick Bruna


  1. Which of his books might you have in the store? :)

  2. miffy sure bring back some bittersweet memories. are you hiring at the moment?


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