Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Frankie Day Out / party

We had an awesome bake party at Frankie Day Out. We have never feasted on so much sweetness at our bookstore: all the cakes were picture-perfect and absolutely delicious ! Much love to all the talented and beautiful bakers, and everyone who joined us. Thank you, Frankie and Gryphon Tea, we love you !

BooksActually ♥ Frankie

hello bookstore

Frankie magazines, hot off the press

Sweet Treats, in a row

all the main characters

Gryphon Tea, please

the island

Esther's Chocolate Rum Raisin Brownies & Semi-Sweet Brownies

 Esther's Cheese Shortbread Cookies ✹ Top 3

Esther the baker

Shahidah's Rainbow Cupcakes with Gummy Bears

Shahidah's Rainbow Cupcakes, burst of colours

Shahidah the baker

Tracy's Strawberry Cupcakes
Tracy the baker

Lijuan's Cranberry Orange Cake ✹ Top 3

Lijuan the baker (right), and her friend

Sangeetha's Banana Chocolate Tart

Sangeetha the baker

Clair's Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese ✹ Top 3

Clair the baker

Yenni's Flower Garden Cupcakes

Yenni the baker

Jiaxin's Strawberry Custard Tart

Jiaxin the baker

Theodora's Tiramisu


too pretty to eat


Cake the bookstore cat meets the cakes



  1. hello! I was looking through the pictures and was thinking, have you guys ever considered having a cafe as part of the bookstore. thought it would be lovely to be able to buy a book and sit nearby to read it. could be just a simple place with muffins and cupcakes and tea. just an idea:)

  2. Oooh these treats look delish!
    And I like the cafe idea - brings back memories of the Housing Works: Bookstore Cafe in new york - that's a great place to hang out! ( http://www.housingworks.org/social-enterprise/bookstore-cafe/ )


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