Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ceriph: Issue One

Come Perch on the Ceriph Birdhouse


“Orange juice,” he whispered hoarsely, “It makes me squirm. The thought that they’re being squeezed and impaled on juicers for my sake—it’s worse than eating raw meat. I hate how fruits are in boxes, I always fear their claustrophobia will be transferred through vitamins and peels, bloodstreams and organs—”

“The Apartment” by Terri-Anne Teo, in Ceriph ISSUE ONE

Ceriph takes flight with Issue One, months after beginning with nothing in Issue Zero. Featuring Alene Tan, Annabeth Leow, Derrick Cham, Heather Chi, Kylie Goh, Nina Chan, Carol Chan, Lin Hongxuan, Adam Liew, Theophilus Kwek, Berny Tan, Lester Tan, Ying, Gregory Kan, Julienne Tan, Nurul Musfirah, Melissa Jien Tai, Lydia Lin, Lin Li, Aefiel Thea, Lee Ju-Lyn, Ann Ang, Ivan Ang, Quek Shin Yi, Jon Gresham, Terri-Anne Teo, Shawn Lee and Poppy Pachinko, Issue One takes up everything from long-distance love to onion soup and little umbilical monsters.

Ceriph x Math Paper Press
Singapore based literary journal Ceriph proudly presents its next issue, published under Math Paper Press. Since its inception, it has been featured on The Straits Times, youth.sg, and blankanvas by Pat Law. It has also made its way to the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2010 in Harajuku, Tokyo. Ceriph exists as a space in print for writers from Singapore to share their poetry, prose, photography and illustrations—a space that is neither too formal nor flippant, that combines word and form.

Issue One takes flight on the 17th of September 2010, Friday, 7.30pm at BooksActually, located on 86 Club Street. Come for chai and cake and listen to new writers from Singapore reading their strange tales from this city on everything from a love letter from an astronaut, onion soup, to umbilical cord monsters. Join the facebook page for updates, or just cross out those dates on your calendar as we celebrate yet another addition to the growing body of local literature.

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