Thursday, September 30, 2010


Not so hot as this for a hundred years.
You were where I was going. I was in tears.
I surrendered my heart to the judgement of my peers.

A century's heat in the garden, fierce as love.
You returned on the day I had to leave.
I mimed the full, rich, busy life i had to live.

Hotter than hell. I burned for you day and night;
got bits of your body wrong, bits of it right,
in the huge mouth of the dark, in the bite of the light.

I planted a rose, burnt orange, the colour of flame,
gave it the last of the water, gave it your name.
It flared back at the sun in a perfect rhyme.

Then the rain came, like stammered kisses at first
on the back of my neck. I unfurled my fist
for the rain to caress with its lips. I turned up my face,

and water flooded my mouth, baptised my head,
and the rainclouds gathered like midnight overhead,
and the rain came down like a lover comes to a bed.

Carol Ann Duffy

Bookshop Unicorn


  1. Thanks for the great poem!

    I've been looking for a copy of Rapture by Carol Ann Duffy for ages... do you guys carry it by any chance?

  2. Hi, Jia!

    Yes we do have that book! We'll reserve it for you for 2 weeks, just come up to the counter and let us know your name and the title of your book reservation. (:


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