Friday, September 24, 2010

Why you should support BooksActually/Birds & Co.

The owners of BooksActually are not only incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, they are also multi-taskers.
To be the face of BooksActually/Birds & Co., not only do you need to have a great smile and know the exact number of pages in each book, you also need to be artistically-inclined and/or manly.

Presenting, the Michelangelo-wannabe...


And not forgetting, the "manliest" and smartest contractor, best in Club Street and Grange Road and some say Chinatown!

Contractor Kenny
 So in case if you can't spot our quaint little store, Karen-angelo did this:

Fantastic descended in 2005.

Have a great weekend, fellow lovers of books and adoring supporters of K and K!

- bookshop cow moo-ed

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