Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bowl-ed Over

On this lazy Sunday where every hour past means an hour closer to moody monday, I went to work and saw this curious little brown bomb placed on top of the cashier...

Who needs an iron rice bowl from the government when working for K + K gives you
The Wonder Bowl!

The amazing thing about this bowl is that, it is not just any bowl.
Of course, it MUST be special if it was a bribe gift from your bosses to make you work even harder and sell more Polaroid Cards and Lollipops on lazy Sundays.
The Wonder Bowl can be used in 1001 ways and allow me to show you its greatness.

The fundamental use of a bowl is of course to pile it high with food.
I may not have succulent prawns right now in Birds & Co. 
but I reckon our plastic prawns are a good replacement. 
-smacks lips-
Vintage Prawn Sharpener (four dollars), available at Birds & Co.

Halloween is coming 
and instead of being like everyone else who carries a Halloween-themed bucket for trick-or-treating, 
stand out from the crowd..
Bring the bowl out and demand for sweets!
Lollipop (one dollar fifty cents each), available at Birds & Co.

And just in case if I lose my marbles, 
K + K reminded me that I can store all my marbles in this little bowl.
How lovely.
Assorted Marbles (three for one dollar), available at Birds & Co.

I love eating groundnuts but because I am no Martha Steward, 
I leave all my groundnut shells all over the ground and pretend that I can't see them due to my small eyes.
The Wonder Bowl kills all excuses and is the perfect bowl to store my groundnut shells.
Peanut sharpener (three dollars), available at Birds & Co.

Last but not least,
I know what The Wonder Bowl can be used for...
I can use it to ask for my pay from K + K!
- Bookshop Cow 
apologises for her non-Booker Prize-worthy words and warped sense of humour but from the bottom of her 4 stomachs, she wishes you to have a great week ahead.

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  1. I'll have to come down for a visit. Shop looks exquisite. Any chance you publish fanzines?


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