Friday, November 26, 2010

BooksActually is five !

BooksActually is five years old.

With the sun warming our cheeks, we have dipped our toes into everything, braved many trials with scraped knees and still, we insist on climbing higher and further. Along this journey, we have hugged kittens, helped the young realise they don't have to be hundred-year-old professors to love literature, propelled writers, artists, designers, musicians to new heights and audiences, rescued forgotten works, and set the benchmark for independent shops around the country.

It has been a whirlwind of literature / poetry / theatre / music / film / art / vintage / local / handmade / indie culture / publishing / distributing / curations / exhibitions / launches / interviews / readings / performances / charities / makeshift bookstores / festivals / collaborations, and are happy to say that we are here to stay.

So many of you have seen us grow, we'd like to high-five you for walking with us arm-in-arm along this journey. Come for our BooksActually's 5th Birthday Party (27th November, 2 ~ 9pm at BooksActually, 86 Club Street). Get a 15% off anything except magazines and promotional items when you shop with us on this very special day.

We love you very much.
If you love us back, drop us a ♥ letter on how our existence has changed your world.
Mail it to :
No. 86 Club Street
Singapore 069454
Or perhaps you would like to share the ♥ here, with books / bookstore-related videos, photographs, passages, songs that remind you of BooksActually.

Karen & Kenny

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