Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BooksActually's Christmas Special ☆

 ☆ BooksActually's Christmas Special
23rd December 2010
~ on the eve of the Eve ~


Shinzi Katoh Tea
tea reception by The Little Happy Shop
at 7:00 pm


The Perfect Journey
A C O U S T I C    S E T
performed by Polkadot + Moonbeam
(Juliet Pang 冯欣慧 + Didi Mudigdo)
at 7:30 pm

BooksActually (86 Club Street, Singapore)

This Christmas, come by your favourite bookstore (www.booksactually.com) for a Shinzi Katoh cuppa to warm your precious hearts alongside with music from Juliet Pang's newly released full-length original debut, 完美之旅 | the perfect journey. Tea Reception is proudly and generously hosted by The Little HappyShop (www.thelittlehappyshop.com).

Juliet had always been fascinated...and bewildered(!) by Kenny and Karen's special eye for art, music, beauty in things that are often forgotten. Come by to listen to her heart songs presented by Polkadot + Moonbeam (Juliet Pang + Didi Mudigdo) in this quaint little bookstore that is her favourite haunt.

Join us this Christmas Eve's eve! Pop over for some after-dinner Tea Party fun and have a magical evening filled with tea, sweet nothings and heartfelt music.

完美之旅 | the perfect journey is a collection of original compositions (music/lyrics) by singer-songwriter Juliet Pang 冯欣慧.
Music for her is a wonderful medium for a storyteller, and each song that writes her stories and those about whom she holds closely to her heart, adds a new color to her creative palette.
(www.julietpang.net) (www.youtube.com/julietpang)

Support original songs + strong vocals + indie project !
Album sales will take place at BooksActually on the same day.
She will be happy to doodle on it if you drop a hint. :)

The Little Happy Shop: Chic paper goods and other happy practicalities, is proudly owned by Ruth Tan. 

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