Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello all!
Do note our opening hours for BooksActually and Birds & Co. during this Chinese New Year:

CNY EVE (Wed, 2 Feb) :
BooksActually : 11am ~ 6pm
Birds & Co. : 11am ~ 6pm

CNY Day 1 (Thu, 3 Feb) :
BooksActually + Birds & Co. : Closed

CNY Day 2 (Fri, 4 Feb) :
BooksActually : Closed
Birds & Co. : 12pm ~ 11pm

Business as usual from Sat, 5 Feb onwards.
See you then, and have a great Chinese New Year! :)


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  1. In ths Blog, it was posted that Bks Aktuali would be open on 5th Feb after the offisial CNY publik holidayz. Tho' the new address is certainli not as accessible as iz former Klub Strt address, I still made a special trip there by bus all the way to visit Bks Aktuali. When I reached the shop's door step after finding my way around Tiong Bahru in the afternoon heat, I noticed from outside that the shelves were very empti and that some people inside were still sorting out books. Thus I did not venture to go into the book shop. Today (Sun 27/2/11), I made another trip all the way by bus again to Bks Actuali, only to be stopped by this huge sign saying "Closed" at their bookshop. It was 2.30pm and well within the opening hours announced by the shop. I tried the door and it was indeed locked from inside even tho' I could see people at the far counter inside and this time round, the shelves were already filled with books. So I couldn't even go in to ask when the shop would be open again. How unfrenli. I have been disappointed twice trying to visit this bookshop which used to be so much more accessible in iz former frenlier premises. I don't know whether I should venture forth again just to make another special trip there (and be disappointed again?!!!).

    Posted by : Biblio Phil.


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