Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Was The Hipster?


What Was The Hipster? : A Sociological Investigation
edited by n+1

What Was the Hipster? defines and unpacks the most iconic cultural figure of the 21st century: the bespectacled, ironic, kitsch-loving hipster. Composed of three parts—a transcript of an n+1–hosted panel discussion; a “dossier” of media responses to the panel; and a longer section devoted to essays—What Was the Hipster? traces the lineage of the contemporary hipster and features trenchant cultural criticism from over ten contributors.
Touching on everything from douchebags, hip-hop, party photography, and gentrification to “vintage” fashion, the internet, and ever-ubiquitous skinny jeans, What Was the Hipster? is the most exhaustive document on the contemporary hipster to date.

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