Thursday, August 4, 2011

BooksActually / Made in Singapore

left to right :

Singapore Shophouses, Vintage Singapore, Teenage Textbook + Teenage Workbook, I Don't Friend You, Singapore: A Biography

Ceriph #02, The Blue Mansion + Forever Fever DVD Boxset, Singlish Notebook (Red), Framroz Vintage Glass, Old Places DVD, The Catherine Lim Collection

The Design Society #00, #01, and #02, F&N Vintage Glass, Humpback Oak Boxset, The Claire Tham Collection, The Colin Cheong Collection

.  .  .

Housing Singaporean talent, thoughts and dreams.

This National Day, we stand together to salute the talent
who have crafted these with their hearts, minds, souls and hands,
who speak bravely about our identity, tell of our story, and
construct our future. These are proudly made by Singaporeans.


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