Monday, March 8, 2010

Let's Perch!!


Ceriph began as a non-profit project between three local undergraduates that noticed friends and acquaintances creating poetry, prose, and photography that deserved to be shared. Thus began a search for a space in print that was accessible to non-professional Singaporean writers, that was neither too formal nor flippant.

The inaugural issue of Ceriph is a compilation of poems, short fiction, pictures and non-fiction that tell quiet stories across busy cities, a thread that binds these tales into a book. The independently published Issue Zero features the works of Laremy Lee, Desirée Lim, Sudev S., Mark Lam, Shane Pereira, Lee Fur-Fur, Cai Li Xian, Ng Yiqin, Andrew Robert Ng, Sharlene Teo, Riot, Captain Crash, Jonah Sun, Wei Fen Lee, Ang Shao-Wen and Linette Lim.

Ceriph's book launch will be held at BooksActually, 86 Club Street, at 7.30pm on the 12th of March, Friday. Join the facebook page for updates, or just cross out those dates on your calendar to have chai and cake with us as we celebrate yet another addition to the growing body of local literature.

Ceriph Issue Zero

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