Monday, March 8, 2010

Neo York, Neo York

IdN Extra 02: Neo York

Anime and Beyond. For those who aren’t familiar with animé, this particular genre has a long history that has both encouraged and inspired a creative dialogue between Japan and the rest of the world for almost 100 years. In the United States during the 1970's and 80's, Japanese animation was referred to as Japanimation, but was replaced by the term Animé in the mid 1990's as it became more mainstream and evolved in popular American culture.

It’s the evolution of animé that has inspired this book; where this genre came from and how it has come full circle. Post apocalyptic Tokyo is a strong central theme to most anime story lines. We began to ponder what would Neo New York look like, what would be the cultural make up of the city. We invite some great talent to contribute their visions to help with the creation of Neo New York.
ISBN: 978-988-18470-3-4
Size: 210mm (W) X 270mm (H)
Pages: 132 pages

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